Can light steel building live only a few years? The United Building will break the rumor for you!

  • Date:2020/07/06

The company that does light steel house on market is much dazzled, the effect that makes comes is uneven. Some non-professional companies do not pass the quality, will mislead those who want to do light steel villa but dare not do the customer.

Is light steel building the temporary room that can live a few years only?

Does light steel building use fixed number of year 100 above is deceptive?

Light steel houses often about to be overhauled?

Light steel house often maintenance is not cost-effective?

The United Building uses strength to break rumors for you!


Rumor 1: Light steel houses can live for 100 years is a lie!

Actually light steel house is able to live for hundreds of years, you can see the foreign light steel villa. Any one of them is a hundred year villa.

Example: Centennial House in California


These villas were built around 1900 and are more than 100 years old, and those who say they can only live there for a few years are talking to themselves. Time will prove that light steel villa quality is trustworthy. Can the house last that long if it's not strong? Now a lot of lover restoring ancient ways, buy villa of 100 years to live technically only, decorate gently interior, the house is still bright beautiful like new! The light steel villa is so durable.


Rumor 2: Light steel villas need frequent overhaul!

The light steel villa is often mistakenly thought to be often decorated, in fact the steel structure of the main house is very stable. As long as there is a professional installation team in the construction, in accordance with the strict requirements of the construction, there is no problem of overhaul within the design life.


The design service life is defined as: the design specified structure or structural components can be used according to the intended purpose without major repair. It should be noted that the design service life is not the life of the house, even within the design service life of the house should be regular daily inspection. The length of building actual life, basically use with reasonable, periodic check maintains concerned. So the house life of light steel villa can reach 200 years easily. But don't be afraid of frequent overhauls, as the rumor has it.


Rumor 3: Light steel villa is not cost-effective!

The rumor always says light steel villa is not cost-effective, then we will compare, brick and concrete houses and light steel villa whose cost performance is high.






Light steel house

Design life

50 years

90 years

House lifetime

70 years

150 years


Brick mix structure belongs to common building, design fixed number of year is 50 years, need to maintain carefully during this, not be to say after 50 years building of brick mix structure cannot live a person, however after 50 years safety coefficient decreases, need to undertake appraisal to the building at the specified time or repair protect consolidate wait. But when it comes to earthquakes, typhoons and other disasters, the safety factor is unimaginably low.


Light steel villa in 90 years of design life, only need to carry out normal maintenance without overhaul can be used as expected, but also can withstand 12 strong winds, 9 earthquake. Regular maintenance can also reach 200 years of house life.

Brick mix can live for a generation only, light steel house can live for a few generations however, price, property price rises at the same time under the situation, light steel house cost performance is self-evident.


The construction of light steel villa must find a professional team to eliminate the owner's worries. The United Building·AnMeiJie is specialized in building steel structures with professional customer service specialists, large construction teams with many years of experience and huge production factories. We're your best choice.





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