Brief Introduction of Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure

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  • Date:2021/07/16

Light Gauge Steel Frame structure is widely used for constructing commercial buildings and monuments. There are many advantages of using light gauge steel structures for commercial purpose. This construction material is light in weight and can be easily assembled/ disassembled whenever required. Assembling the light gauge steel frame structure is a quick and easy process. Since the assembly is very simple and fast, the monument or building does not require any more maintenance and can be used for a longer period of time. The monuments that are made using the steel frame construction material to last for a long time than the other framed structures.


During the manufacturing phase of the construction, the cold-formed process is used to manufacture the frame of the building. When the desired shape and size of the building are finalized then the production of the steel frame begins. Most of the light gauge steel frame structures are constructed using the cold-formed process. The assembly of the frame is also a very simple and quick process. Even though using the cold-formed process may be slow but the life of the monument or building is very long and the cost involved in manufacturing is also low.


The most commonly used construction material for making the light gauge steel frame structure is the galvanized steel plate. This process uses an oxidizing agent which forms a protective layer against corrosion. This coating is very important because this galvanized steel plate prevents rust formation in the area where the light gauge units are placed. Once the unit is ready, it is coated with paint by the manufacturers. Paint is usually applied over the galvanized steel plates so that it covers all the exposed surfaces and thereby further protects them from corrosion.


A typical installation of the cold-formed steel plate is done on the perimeter wall of the monument or building. The installation process is very simple and takes less time. This type of construction material can also be installed on the inside of the building as well. Light gauge steel frame structures can provide greater strength compared to other types of construction material used for construction of the building. This type of construction material is also easier to install than other construction materials.


Using the light-gauge steel frame structure also has some other advantages over using other types of steel structures for construction of buildings. These advantages include long term durability, better design flexibility and greater structural safety. Steel is also available in different thicknesses to ensure better design flexibility. This means that different sections can be used if required. Moreover, it is also possible to customize the size and shape of the columns and beams as per the design requirements. This helps the structure to remain strong despite the changing design requirements.





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