Anmeijie build Shunde Leiliu dragon Cultural Center within 20 days

  • Date:2020/09/07

Each town and street has its own unique cultural atmosphere. In order to enable more people to acquire dragon culture knowledge, Leiliu Town in Shunde District has specially built a dragon culture exhibition hall with light steel, which can not only spread traditional culture better, but also promote the cultural and tourism development of the area.

After detailed communication with the project leader, the project soon decided to use the steel structure to build.In addition to the short construction period, light steel construction is also very environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution and interference to the surrounding environment. Because the light steel building is fast, beautiful and safe, It was built in just 20 days.Let's take a look at the Dragon Culture Museum at first.


Basic information

Floor space15.15 m X 9.65 m

Building area115

The storey height of building3.4m

Design styleChinese style


Appearance design

The exterior of the Dragon Culture Museum is made of archaized asphalt tiles, dark gray aluminum panels, outdoor wood-plastic panels and gray tempered glass.The designer designed the house in A Chinese style, echoing the traditional culture. The dragon design is also printed on the walls to make the exhibition hall more eye-catching, so that people can see from afar, fully feel the atmosphere of dragon culture.




Elevations of four sides


Construction materials come in the site and begin installation


Set up the keel


Roofing system installation


Wall system installation


Toughened glass installation


Exterior wall decoration installation




The inside environment

Although the area of the Dragon Culture Museum is small, the circulation of the "physical object + display board + multimedia + interactive device" approach for the three-dimensional overall exhibition layout design. Through sound, light, electricity and modern multimedia technology and other display techniques, through static and dynamic collocation, line and surface combination, physical and virtual exchange, to form a complete exhibition space. At the scene, the public can not only understand the dragon culture through the display board, but also innovated the use of multimedia and other technologies, so as to have a deeper understanding of the dragon culture through interactive forms.



20 days to finish

On the morning of July 17, the opening ceremony of the Dragon Culture Exhibition hall and the release ceremony of "Cultural Interpretation of Longan Eyeball" was held in Leliu Longan Village. Shunde district party committee standing committee Liang Weipei shunde district party committee, vice minister of the propaganda department, district federation chairman He Hongjia, secretary of the party working Wang Guang leliu street, leliu street working committee, deputy secretary, director of the office WuChengLiang, shunde district, deputy curator of the museum Dong Ping, shunde Li Jianming famous scholars, longan CunDangWei WuKunCheng director of the village committee secretary, and other leaders attended the ceremony.


This photo  is derived fromShunde Urban Network


Citizens visit the Dragon Culture Center,this photo  is derived fromShundeNews Network

A large number of people visited the Dragon Culture Center and expressed their support for the inheritance of traditional culture. Citizens have taken photos, believe that the small light steel dragon culture center, has become the new famous scenic spot of Leiliu.

The visit guidance

Opening hours of the Dragon Culture Exhibition Hall: 9:00-17:00 (16:30 will stop entry) every Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays and special circumstances). The exhibition hall is open to the outside world free of charge (need to brush id card to enter). According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, the exhibition hall will be changed to open and limited-flow tour. Visitors can call 0757-25635999 in advance to make an appointment.

If you want to visit the Light Steel Dragon Culture Museum, remember to invite your friends!

At present, more and more small towns want to have their own unique cultural atmosphere. For example, the light steel intelligent library built in every village of Junan in Shunde is also to create a scholarly atmosphere for the whole people to read. Perhaps careful observation, you will also find light steel house in our side, imperceptibly into our life. With the mature development of light steel technology, a variety of construction projects will give priority to steel structure. Leave a message about the type of steel structure around you. Welcome all kinds of construction projects cooperation.





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