AnMeiJie and Hunan Broadcasting System Mango V Fund to build mango friendship primary school

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  • Date:2020/06/17

On November 16, 2011, AnMeiJie  signed the construction contract of mango friendship primary school with shanjiang school district of fenghuang county education bureau in hunan province, which is an activity initiated by the caring personage of mango V fund to support the education cause in poor areas.Foshan AnMeiJie Light Steel House Co. ,Ltd in line with the principle of actively participating in social charity, only used cost price to construct.

Basic information

The pproject nameMango friendship primary school, Shanjiang town, Fenghuang county, Hunan province

Donated unitChina social welfare foundation mango V fund

Construction unitFoshan AnMeiJie Light Steel House Co. ,Ltd

Supervision unitFenghuang county education bureau of hunan province

Number of teaching building1


House type layout3 teaching buildings and 1canteen and 1kitchen and 1office and 2 dormitories and  1multi-media classroom

Appearance design

The teaching building's roof is dusty blue asphalt shingles, the wall body is orange-yellow external wall hanging panels, and orange red border lines as door and window decoration.The overall effect of the teaching building is relatively vigorous, in line with the active form of primary school students.The exterior wall hanging board is chosen orange- yellow, in addition to the same color as the logo of Hunan Boardcasting System, it also expresses the hope that students can like the sun ,and shine for the society after getting better education like sunshine.

Teaching building front view of Mango friendship primary school, Shanjiang town, Fenghuang county, Hunan province

Teaching building rear view of Mango friendship primary school, Shanjiang town, Fenghuang county, Hunan province

Four-sided elevation of Mango friendship primary school

Teaching building ground floor plan of Mango friendship primary school, Shanjiang town, Fenghuang county

The layout of the first floor of the teaching building is a preschool, a dining hall and a kitchen.  There is a corridor leading to the playground behind the teaching building. In order to make students have a better education, and adapt to campus life earlier, also have preschool at that time,to prepare students for formal school, to be adapted and transformed. Due to the partial students far away from home, the school has the dining hall meal for the student, will be far away from home for unified management of students, more safety.

Teaching building first floor plan of Mango friendship primary school, Shanjiang town, Fenghuang county

The layout of the second floor of the teaching building consists of two teacher dormitories, a teacher office and a multimedia classroom. In addition to providing accommodation for teachers far away from home, it also provides convenience for volunteer teachers who come from far away from home.Multimedia classroom can let students know more about the outside world and broaden their horizons.

paving asphalt shingles

install fibred cement plate

install external wall hanging board

exterior paint

install Hunan Broadcasting System logo

overall effect

main entrance effect

This teaching building has been built and delivered  in 30 days. AnMeiJie’s prefabricated building is so safe, beautiful and fast. Mango friendship primary school was put into use on January 15, 2012, and the local students got a better learning environment.

Mango V fund is jointly initiated by China social welfare foundation and Hunan Broadcasting System,it is the first charity fund of Hunan Broadcasting System. After its establishment, it has been widely used in various public welfare parties and charity activities of Hunan Broadcasting System.AnMeiJie’s  participation in the mango friendship primary school program will not only support charity, but also further promote environmentally friendly prefabricated buildings.In the future, AnMeiJie hopes to participate in more charitable activities and make contributions to the people who need to build houses.Interested partners, welcome to contact.





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