AnMeiJie and Guangzhou Tianshi Group signed a cooperation agreement

  • Date:2020/06/17

On January 26, 2019, He zongru, chairman of Guangzhou Tianshi Group, led relevant leaders of the group to visit the large light steel sample base of AnMeiJie to survey. The two sides reached an agreement to develop friendly relations of close cooperation.

On that day, He haoming and Deng ruihua, chairman of AnMeiJie, explained the steel structure system and business scope of our company in detail, and led the leaders to experience various types of light steel sample houses. Afterwards, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the construction of characteristic towns, parks and new towns.


In order to speed up the construction of "beautiful China" and carry the mission of "Chinese cherry blossom and world fame", Guangzhou Tianshi Group Co., Ltd. finally signed the cooperation agreement with Foshan AnMeiJie.


AnMeiJie is a professional company that integrates design, production, construction and marketing. It has 10 years' experience in manufacturing light steel keel and owns many successful cases of creating characteristic towns in many countries.As the leader of light steel construction industry in China, it is urgent to popularize green and energy-saving light steel structure.Tianshi group has a strong team of professionals in the cultivation, domestication, cultivation and research of cherry blossoms,it takes the lead in establishing a special cherry blossom research institute in China, and insists on taking the construction of characteristic towns as an important starting point to promote the new urbanization,it has successfully created a number of cherry blossom theme parks of Chinese brands.The cooperation between the two has combined the green and the homeland, jointly creating a high-quality cherry town, promoting the city's brand tourism projects, and has become an accelerant of economic development.


He zongru, chairman of Guangzhou Tianshi Group Co. Ltd,executive chairman of China cherry blossom industry association, member of the standing committee of guangdong federation of overseas Chinese, initiator and director of guangdong xixian education foundation (core project "weishan").After knowing that the cherry blossom, which was regarded as a Japanese calling card, actually originated from China, in many questions and incomprehension ,he decided to change his career and devote all his time, energy and effort to the cause of cherry blossom.Guangzhou Wangdi Cherry Blossom Planting Co., Ltd., GuangzhouTianshi Group and tianshi cherry blossom planting technology research institute were established successively, and China cherry blossom industry association and China biodiversity conservation and green development foundation cherry blossom protection and development special organizations were established and funded.Known as the "sakura prince", "China's sakura king."He maximizes the economic and social value of cherry blossom by innovating business model, holding cherry culture festival activities, new urbanization construction, and expanding cherry blossom derivative products.


Therefore, this joint cooperation can not only expand the scale, but also rapidly improve the visibility of enterprises in China, promote the upgrading of the green building industry, and improve the social, economic and environmental benefits.





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