AMJ’s Prefab residential building For large families

  • Date:2020/08/19

This style of house built by Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd is a popular version of one of their prefab residential buildings and is a light steel residential house. It is built to be safe, durabler, and attractive to look at. This light steel residential house features green siding panels with white trim and black shingle roofing as well as simulated rock design pillars on the house’s corners. It can house 5-7 people comfortably and has 3 bathrooms to accommodate larger groups living there. It is one of the better prefab residential buildings for larger families or groups of residents living together and is two stories tall with multiple spaces for dining and social interaction.


The house is like many of the other prefab residential buildings because it is durable, energy efficient, insulated, protected from weather, fireproof, temperature controlled for all different times of the year, and is a quick and easy house to have built by AMJ Steel. It is an appealing choice for a new home and a well crafted solution for a larger group looking for a new place to live. Since the materials are directly supplied from the factory, the cost of having the light steel residential house built is lower than other options. The efficient and effective team working for Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd also completes the building task in a much shorter time than competitors.


The exterior aesthetic of the house is of Mediterranean style, and the colors and simulated stone designs go well together giving the house a vibrant and villa style appearance. The houses beauty can be complimented well with a vibrant lawn and lush flower garden, and a stone walkway leading to the front door would go well with the stone pillar designs. The windows are trimmed with white color and are large allowing a good amount of natural light to enter the home and give wide views of the outside world from almost every room in the house. There are also balcony areas for lounging and relaxation when someone wants to take a seat outside in the shaded areas, and are a perfect place for plants and patio furniture.


This and many other prefab residential buildings are great choices for your new home provided by Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd and are a financially viable investment that is quick and easy to have assembled. Information on the company and different light steel residential buildings provided by the company can be found on their website at Contact information and floor plans are also available so you can begin planning having your new home built and ready to be moved into by you and those who will be living with you. Due to the nature of the steel framework used to build the houses, they can be built any time of the year and are not impeded by any seasonal or weather conditions making them a reliable company to have build your new home any time of the year.





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