American three - story villa self - built house(with drawings),multi-bedroom design,suitable for multi-members family to live!

  • Date:2020/06/17

If  your family is belongs to multi-members,

then you should build a light steel villa like this.

Three-storey American villa with multiple bedrooms and a no-disturb effect!


Basic information

House area315.91

Pattermsix bedrooms and three living rooms and five bathrooms and one kitchen and two terraces and one study

The storey height of the buildingthe ground floor is 3.6m,the first flooris 3.3m,the second floor is 3.3m

The site area requirement11.7m x 12m


The appearance design

Neat American villa added a bit of modern and simple style, more suitable for modern aesthetic.Curved floor tall window design, make the daylighting of whole house better. The yellow wall gives people a warm feeling, beautiful and generous.


The ground floor plan

Introduction of the ground floor is the sitting room of bright hall, put comfortable sofa to receive a guest.The living room can enjoy the scenery outside through the French window, easily create a natural landscape daily life.


The first floor plan

On the first floor there is a small terrace attached to the bedroom, with a private space for you to enjoy afternoon respite.The living room is set between the two bedrooms to protect the privacy of the owner of the two bedrooms.


The second floor

The study of 3 layers is also located between 2 bedrooms, can satisfy the halcyon that rests, study place needs.Special large terrace space suitable for daily life drying clothes are spread, enjoy the sunshine bath.


For more detailed drawings, please contact us!

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