A Townhouse of Your Dreams

  • Date:2020/09/25

Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel Co, Ltd., based in China, is on top in the field of light steel construction. With this company staffing expert teams in design, construction, and marketing, they’re the ideal candidates to help you build your dream home—or, as they promise, help you “build your dreams”.

Their number one goal is to popularize green and energy-saving light steel structures, which means they’re more determined to build structures that live up to their clients’ standards with this eco-friendly, efficient material. With developments from steel villas and container houses to factory buildings and steel warehouses, it’s guaranteed they can assist in the building of whatever structure you need to satisfy your needs.


If the structure you’re looking to develop is a townhouse, the ideal model Foshan has available is TH-4001W. This prefab townhouse construction model includes eight rooms, eight hallways, and eight bathrooms. On the page which outlines this particular model, the company clearly describes the details of this specific model to give potential clients an idea of what these townhouses general is like. There is even a colorfully detailed blueprint of the layout of these townhouses.

If the illustrated townhouse model isn’t quite enough to convince you that this model is the right one, the performance of the material, which is also described thoroughly on their website, is a deal closer. The wildly high-performance buildings Foshan create are earthquake proof, fireproof, and anti-snow pressure to protect the property from the elements that are simply out of your control.

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With the strict quality testing on the materials, as well as a thorough inspection being performed even before the material leaves the factory, all this high-quality material is perfect before it’s even on-site. Even if your knowledge of construction is limited to which hinges to put your cabinet doors on or what kind of wood looks the shiniest in a well-lit dining room, the detail they offer on their high-performance, durable, energy-saving material is sure to leave you starry eyed.

High-quality material and clearly outlined model plan not quite enough to sell you on their services? Any client who wants to develop a business structure or build that dream home wants to make sure the company hired to do the work can build the structure efficiently and without fault. Not only does Foshan promise fast delivery of the materials, but also a professional construction team to do the work. Have very particular ideas for the design of your new structure? Their design team is there to help all clients get the ideal design for their own custom townhouse.


From prefab townhouse construction of steel villas in Australia to an industrial plant in Guangdong, Foshan An Mei Jie Light Steel Co, Ltd. is able to take their quality, green material and, with their team of experts, develop an ideal structure for a variety of clients.

Other Models of theirs to take a look at: TH-5001W, TH-7001W





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