A government delegation from the Solomon islands to AnMeiJie for cooperation talks

  • Date:2020/06/17

On September 21 this year, Solomon islands officially established diplomatic ties with China. The two governments agreed to develop friendly relations between the two countries on the basis of the principles of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-aggression, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence. Within a month of the establishment of diplomatic ties, government officials in the Solomon islands had been working around the clock to prepare for economic growth in both countries.

On October 28, the 8th mamara municipal council meeting and the introduction meeting of "mamara capital new city" project of Solomon islands was held in guangzhou. AnMeiJie and many other project leaders discussed the project plan.


Because the Solomon islands have a tropical rainforest climate, it is hot all the year round and there is no dry season. The coastal areas are flat and the sea water is not polluted, so the development potential of tourism is greater.And AnMeiJie is also specialized in building holiday houses and characteristic new cities for tourism,the diplomats thought that it would helpful to the development of the country, so they started to investigate our company.

On October 30, the government delegation of Solomon islands came to visit the AnMeiJie and visited the model house, the station wagon house, the interior decoration exhibition hall, the production workshop and the panel warehouse.


The diplomat visited the bedroom of the model house


The diplomat praised the bedroom for its comfort


People experience the overall spiral staircase


Diplomats love model house and take photos to share with others back home


Visit the station wagon house


People very love the station wagon house with all its fully equipped


Visit interior exhibition hall


Mediterranean style interior decoration


Simple Chinese style


The diplomat and the chairman of AnMeiJie  are pictured in the interior exhibition hall


Understand the internal structure and process of light steel building


He jiajun,the chairman of AnMeiJie,introduced the model house to diplomats


Enter the production workshop for a visit


The foreign trade manager of AnMeiJie introduced the diplomat in detail


The diplomat knows the materials of house

After getting to know the light steel house, then we go to the conference room to answer questions, to give diplomats more insight into the use, performance, etc..Deng ruihua, chairman of the AnMeiJie, also explained to diplomats how we carry out earthquake-resistant construction after major earthquakes in China.


After the meeting, diplomat Solomon said he was very confused not to see the model houses and the construction and production process, but now there is no doubt, and very confident in the light steel houses.The Solomon government delegation extended invitations to AnMeiJie and the Chinese infrastructure industry,hope that Chinese enterprises will invest and build factories in Solomon,Solomon is willing to provide land and other support to participate in the construction projects of "new capital city" and other parts of the country.AnMeiJie is one of the important units in the project, which plans to build more than 5,000 civil servant residences in stages over a five-year period.

Local TV stations followed up with interviews. Minister Cris Rory said in an interview that Solomon islands is optimistic about China's promotion of One Belt And One Road platform and hopes to seek cooperation with China on infrastructure and common development through this platform.

"We are interested in setting up a plant in the Solomon islands. We have a number of successful projects in Solomon, and we want to spread our business to surrounding countries and regions.”Deng ruihua,chairman of AnMeiJie said.

Solomon islands is an important country in the Pacific island region.The friendly exchanges between our two peoples go back to ancient times.China is the largest trading partner of Solomon islands,the two countries are highly complementary and enjoy great potential for cooperation.AnMeiJie hopes to further open the foreign trade market for fabricated houses and tourism projects through cooperation, so as to promote the economic development of both sides and benefit the two peoples for common development.





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