Light Steel Residential Houses, Your Gateway to an Extraordinary Living Experience

  • Date:2020/09/28

Imagine living in a home that requires zero maintenance, is affordable, sustainable, and safe sounds like a dream right! But this is all possible with light steel residential design. Light steel residential construction uses lightweight steel, which is 100% recyclable, so it is eco-friendly, as compared to the traditional brick houses, which use non-recyclable building materials and harm the environment. These houses have proved to be much safer as they have twice shock resistance as opposed to the ordinary structure, and it can also combat high-speed winds making it safe from natural disasters. The light steel design use materials that make the house acoustic proof, and in return provides you with a comfortable living experience even if the house is situated on a high traffic road.


    At Foshan An-Mei Jie Light Steel House Co, Ltd, we use modern construction methods for making lightweight steel residential design. Unlike other companies, we make our own raw products that provide exceptional building experience, deliver quality value experience, and thus lowering the cost. The material passes through very strict quality testing, and when it is approved after going through several examinations it is then shipped off for construction. We have one of the best design teams which design the whole structure from its exterior to its landscape, with special attention to its interior. The houses designed in a way that it prevents dampness, is free from rats and termites and it provides heat insulation, so the house remains cool in summers and warm in winters thus saves more energy. It is proven that these light steel villas save 30% to 50 % of energy. The light steel designs are made of anti-corrosion zincing sheets with a fireproof measurement that saves the structure from any fire damage.  The companies design team designs the house according to the customer’s needs and thus gives the customers an opportunity to add an artistic flair to their homes.


     One of the company’s top-selling residential building designs is the H-20011W, which is best suitable for self-occupation. The exterior of the building is composed of a red wall hanging panel with dark blue asphalt shingles with stimulated smoke pipe and stimulated cultural stone. The color-coding of the home gives it a very warm and cozy feeling. It is a two-story house with a site area of 11.7x15.1 m. The first story is 3 meters high, and the second story is 2.8 meters high. The house has five spacious and airy rooms, three broad hallways, and four bathrooms, thus making it ideal for a family of 5-7 people. The second floor also has a small balcony which can be used for recreational activities or to spend some quality alone time. The plot is irregular, and the design is more stereo. The house requires only 3 months to be constructed, and we also provide on-site installation. At An-Mei Ji we value our customers, so we keep in touch with them and aspire to achieve full customer satisfaction.





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