300 sets light steel housing projects in Papua New Guinea

  • Date:2020/06/17

With increasing urban pressures forcing people to aspire to a relaxed “holiday-style” lifestyle, while promote demand for build resorts.Papua New Guinea is also in need of a large number of "holiday-style" light steel villas, so AnMeiJie took over the 300 sets light steel housing projects.

First, let's have a look at the overall plan of the project,it can be seen from the picture that the main purpose is to build a villa town. As this is an urgent project, many local builders dare not accept it.But for AnMeiJie, which has years of building experience, within the required time, 300 sets is no sweat.


overall plan

After a series of private ordering process, the final determination of the standard house type. In order to create a tourist holiday atmosphere, the designer specially imitate the maldives wind holiday house design, the four sides of the house have activity location, to maintain the privacy of each family.


Design sketch

Basic information

House type area84.4

House type patternthree bedrooms and two living rooms and one bathroom and one kitchen

Building storey heightthree meters a layer

Site area requirement11.25mX 8.7m


Keel model drawing





After determining house type, can undertake production step by step.Light steel keel we use imported high production roof truss machine for production, to meet the large needs of the villa town in Papua New Guinea.The keel always maintains the component accuracy within + / - 0.5 mm, in line with the high standards of the export.The light steel keel of AnMeiJie is not only stable and bears good load, but also anti-corrosion without worrying about termitesproblem.


Keel production


Various material preparation of light steel villa

In order to speed up the progress of the project, the keel and wall will be pre-assembled in the factory, and then transported to the site site can be installed faster, effectively saving time.


Keel assembly


Wall pre-assembly

As 300 sets of light steel house export abroad, in order to reduce mistakes,AnMeiJie generally pre-assembles a whole room in the factory, checks the quality , size, details and other problems, then carries out export transportation to ensure safety.


Pre-assembled in the factory


Wall details

 AnMeiJie’s pre-assembly passing the strict inspection of the factory, grasp the quality problem. When the pre-assembly is successful, if no any problems ,then can loaded container.


Materials be loaded in the container

After the transportation of light steel materials to the site in Papua New Guinea, rapid installation can be carried out. AnMeiJie sent multiple construction teams to the site for installation, with many years of experience, the construction team can easily complete 100 sets of light steel houses in one month.


Keel installationwall installation


Roof installation


External wall installation


Guard bar installation




Completed appearance


Internal installation


Water and electricity installation


Furniture installation




Living room


Dinning room

Papua New Guinea is the equatorial rainy climate zone, the climate is hot and the rainfall is large, but it does not affect the construction. Because the light steel houses are dry operation construction, not affected by the environment and climate .300 sets light steel houses public construction AnMeiJie only took 3 months to complete.



Compared with traditional residence, light steel villa has its outstanding advantages

(1)Light steel structure accessories of light steel villa  production industrialization and mechanization degree, high degree of commercialization.

2The construction speed of light steel villas is fast, which will not affect the nearby residents and is conducive to civilized construction.

3The steel structure0 of light steel villa is an environmental friendly sustainable development product.

4Light dead load of light steel villas , good anti-seismic performance.

5The comprehensive economic index of light steel villa is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structure.

6Light steel villa compared with brick-concrete-structured housing, can avoid the waste of resources brought by burning bricks with earth.

7Light steel villa because of the light steel structure of the wall thickness is small, than the brick-concrete-structure can increase the effective use of the area;

8Light steel villa compared to reinforced concrete residential , because of the light steel structure steel can be recycled, but concrete cannot be recycled , it’s going to be construction waste ,cause environmental pressure and it takes 40 years for the concrete to dry completely, therefore,it is easy to cause indoor humidity,damp, is bad for human health. But light steel structure do not use concrete at all, so there is no this problem.

9The aseismic performance of light steel villa is good. Because the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, so the light steel structure connected together with screws constitutes a safe and stable box,  the wall will not collapse or the falling floor slab endangers personal safety because of  the shaking of the earthquake.

10The construction of light steel villa adopts dry construction method, which will not cause the waste of water data and save the cost.

We have also done a variety of large-scale projects, such as school ,village committee, tourism resort, large-scale factory building, smart library, homestay house and so on.If you need private customized light steel buildings, welcome to contact us.





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