[Extensive use]Who can match the light steel villa?

  • Date:2020/06/17

Light steel villas are everywhere now, and they will surely become the mainstream way of building in the future. In order to let more people know and use this prefabricated way to build houses, here is a brief introduction to the purpose and characteristics of this new type of house.

At present, the use of light steel villa is more and more extensive, if you still stay in the light steel villa unreliable idea, then you have fallen behind the times. Houses of different grades have been widely used in public buildings. So what else can we do besides our private housing?

  1. modular sandwich panel house

Visible weekday on the site, the workers live in the mobile housing, is also a prefabricated housing. It's relatively cheap to build. Why choose prefabricated houses? That's because it's removable or removable, insulated, warm in winter and cool in summer.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productmovable board room of construction site

Activity board house also has cost a few higher, of course plank is durable, also rise relatively. The length of residence has also increased considerably. For example, the following Russian winter Olympic project is exclusively for athletes, staff to live. The construction requirements are relatively strict. In addition to meeting the environmental standards, it is also necessary to make corresponding performance measures in accordance with the changes of local environment and climate.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productadvanced portable dwelling


Temple is a place that often needs joss sticks and candles burning, in addition to fire prevention measures need to be done, the light steel temple is used flame retardant, fire resistant material. The special design of the ancient buddhist gate makes the temple and nunn building quiet and quiet, and instantly makes people forget the world and wash their hearts.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productBuddhism Zen building

    3.light steel farmyard paradise

People living in the noisy city now all fall in love with the activities of farmhouse. Bring your relatives, friends and family to enjoy the fun of farming on weekends. It is also a way to relax. In order to make the relationship between friends and family closer in agritainment, the designer of AnMeiJie made a light steel townhouse farm especially for agritainment in huizhou, guangdong province. Strewn at random have send, have farm characteristic. Suitable for group activities and family gatherings.


AnMeiJjie and United Building product light steel townhouse farm


Light steel structure construction technology is mature enough for us to do the hotel oh! The hotel must be high-end, atmospheric, grade. Complex modeling, only light steel can be made, strong and beautiful.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productUzbekistan Hotel

Octagonal buildings, not the average company can build .

Public washroom

The most common building is the public toilet. The public toilet that makes with light steel structure, convenient and quick. The construction period is short and the cost is low. Light steel public toilet still has a characteristic, waterproof moistureproof namely. AnMeiJjie and United Building can be waterproof and moistureproof without blind spots. Have you ever seen a dry, breathable toilet?


AnMeiJjie and United Building productlight steel public washing room


A student's study environment must have a safe, healthy and quiet place. Has a high impact resistance, material must conform to environmental standards, sound insulation effect can be up to 60 db. Warm in winter and cool in summer, anti - wind seismic performance is also necessary.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productPNG friendship academy


With the development of the society, people who invest in the resort rush forward. How to make a resort fast, affordable and thematic features? That must be light steel villa! Create a beautiful living environment, housing and nature perfect integration, enjoy a good life.

7、度假区.pngAnMeiJjie and United Building productresort villa

    6.Office building

Many enterprises want to have their own characteristic office building, office building is the first "business card" of the company, the construction of good office building is equal to enhance the corporate image. It is particularly important to give customers and partners a good impression.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productlight steel office building

Simple and positive decoration,the lighting of the big window is very adequate , sound insulation is as high as 60 decibels, the big terrace of 3 storey can be provided rest activity, work and rest union, healthy working environment.

    7.Sentry kiosk

Each community, shopping mall and other places, need to have a sentry booth. Whether security guards, police, almost all stand guard in the sun and rain. They have to endure the heat of summer and the cold of winter. A sentry box can solve these problems. The advantage of a light steel house is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer.


AnMeiJjie and United Building productlight steel sentry kiosk

    8.Dormitory building

Some large companies need company dormitories to supply for their employees to live.Whether it is a superior single room or a large dormitory building, we can do it. Elevators can also be installed for higher floors.


4 doors, 4 separate duplex light steel dormitory


Light steel dormitory building

    9.large-scale factory building 

Light and heavy steel combined with large workshop, space span, earthquake resistance, wind, waterproof and breathable, suitable for production workshops,put  goods and so on.


Light and heavy steel combined with large plant

Read the above brief introduction, is there a new insight into the application of light steel villa? Steel structure is widely used, in addition to the above mentioned types, can also be used in nursing homes, hospitals, clubs, churches, community construction, rural transformation, characteristics of the town. Only you can't think of anything that AnMeiJie can't do.





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