【must-read】Is light steel villa fireproof?

  • Date:2020/09/15

When choosing to build a light steel villa, many people will have doubts about the fire prevention of light steel villa, in the end the light steel villa material will be very easy to burn? This is a serious security issue! Light steel villa fire performance after all how? Today we are going to analyze the material together.

1Light steel keel

Light steel keel is a metal framework for construction made of high quality continuous hot galvanized strip by cold bending process. As the main frame of the light steel villa, it has the characteristics of large pressure bearing, long support time, easy to install and not easy to deform. These characteristics ensure the robustness and stability of the house, so that the anti-seismic function of the light steel villa is far better than that of the brick and concrete structure, which is suitable for the building construction in the area of frequent earthquakes.


The heat resistance of aluminum-zinc plated steel also contributes to the fire resistance of light steel houses. General ordinary hot dip galvanized products usually use temperature does not exceed 230℃, reach 250℃ will change color, and aluminum zinc plate can be in 315℃ environment for a long term use does not change color. The color change of aluminum-zinc plate treated by heat passivation is smaller than that of aluminum plate and aluminum plate at 300℃ for 120 hours. So its fire performance is very superior.

2Calcium silicate board


Calcium silicate board is made of loose staple fiber such as inorganic mineral fiber or cellulose fiber as reinforcing material, silica-calcium material as the main cementing material, after pulping, forming, accelerating curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, forming calcium silicate cement body and made of board. Is a new type of building and industrial board with excellent performance, its products fire, moistureproof, sound insulation, moth proof, durability is better, is the ceiling, partition the ideal decoration board. And calcium silicate board is non-combustible A1 class material, in case of fire, the board will not burn, will not produce toxic smoke.


3Exterior wall cladding

The external wall hanging board is divided into: fiber cement external wall hanging board, metal external wall hanging board, PVC external wall hanging board, solid wood external wall hanging board, stone external wall hanging board. And build light steel villa the most popular is before 3 kinds of exterior wall hanging board, not only style is much, beautiful and easy to match, and fireproof performance is better also.


Stone wall hanging board

Among them, stone has the highest fire protection performance, but the price is relatively expensive, a few high-end luxury customized light steel villas will be used.


Fiber cement exterior wall hanging board

Fiber cement board for A1 grade, price civilian, style multiple choice.


PVC exterior wall hanging board

PVC exterior wall hanging board is the second; The oxygen index is 40, flame retardant and self-extinguishing from fire. Meet the national fire standard B1 level (GB-T8627-99).


Metal exterior wall hanging board

Fire prevention level of Metal exterior wall panels are rated B2.


Solid wood exterior wall hanging board

Solid wood exterior wall panels should be coated with fire retardant coating to meet fire protection requirements. So choose the right fireproof material, will you?


4Glass Fiber


Glass fiber cotton is A man-made fiber material, with A class of fire performance, there is A good sound insulation, heat preservation and insulation, its chemical properties of stability so that long-term use will not appear corrosion problems, which also ensure the service life of the light steel villa.

5OSB board


OSB board is a kind of synthetic wood, is a new type of board species from Europe, 70's and 80's developed rapidly in the world. Consumers like it because it is formaldehyde-free, strong and durable, and lighter and smoother than furniture made of MDF. Its fire performance is superior, fully meet the standards of fire plate. In addition, its corrosion resistance is also among the best in the plate.

A light steel villa, there are so many materials are fire performance, do you still need to worry about fire problem? Every building material used by Anmetjie is offered to customers only after multiple quality checks. Our company has a light steel villa one-stop material distribution center, 7 days can be out of materials (special customized relatively extended), customers can rest assured to choose their favorite materials to build the house.





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