“the Medal of the Republic”Shen jilan, the winner, joined hands with AnMeiJie to promote the transformation of old rural areas in shanxi

  • Date:2020/06/17

Recently, the chairman of AnMeiJie  went to shanxi to meet with shen jilan, the winner of the medal of the republic of China.


This meeting, Shen jilan put forward: hope to shanxi xigou old rural reconstruction, as an important pilot project between shanxi and China. During the discussion, shen also expressed support for environmenta friensdly prefabricated buildings to give the countryside a new look.

In addition to being a deputy to the National People's Congress, shen jilan is also the village secretary of xigou village in Shanxi Province,always keep in mind the rural transformation.In response to the country's call, she actively developed rural construction. In the past, xigou village in Shanxi Province, mountain is big and gutter is deep, thick stone and thin soil, even problem of food and clothing are not solved, but the present xigou village has undergone earth-shaking changes. Under the leadership of shen jilan, the "clothing, food, transportation, medicine" in xigou village has been greatly improved. There is an even greater need to promote "housing" in order to accelerate the development of old rural areas and lead the people to a better life.


National People's Congress (NPC) deputy Shen jilan and He jiajun, chairman of AnMeiJie group photo

To this end, the designers of AnMeiJie designed the first model house for 12 village renovation projects in xigou. Open the new world of "live" in xigou village.


Simple house style, low-key practical, simple feeling thick. Suitable for the simple and pragmatic character of the villagers in xigou village.

Ground floor plan


The first floor


The layout of the house is appropriate, and the lighting and ventilation are better. Capacious sitting room, the gloomy environment that changes old house, become warm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In addition to retaining the villagers' daily habit of drinking tea, the house also separates the rooms on each floor to preserve private space. The small balcony of 2 levels suits air to bask in daily things, or put a small tea table, enjoy the freehand brushwork of sunrise and sunset.As a result of the climate of shanxi, four seasons are distinct, rain heat synchronization, large difference in temperature between day and night. The performance of light steel house is more suitable for local villagers to live in. It is believed that AnMeiJie will bring a new and better life to the villagers in 12 villages.

The renovation project of shanxi xigou village is under way. If you want to see the finished product, please pay close attention to us.I will follow up the latest situation for you.

Beautify the countryside, the characteristic town, the tourist spot to build is the responsibility of  AnMeiJie , interested people please contact us.





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